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“Real Christianity in a Virtual World” | March 20 & 23

This Sunday and Wednesday (March 20 & 23), Bro. Andrew will begin teaching and preaching a 3-part series titled “Real Christianity in a Virtual World”.

It’s an accepted fact that nearly every aspect of our lives is connected and made easier thanks to the wonders of technology. Unfortunately, this powerful tool is far too often a source of unprecedented danger that impacts the lives of young people and adults alike.

This 3-part series will cover topics such as:

  • Biblical principles regarding social media and the internet.
  • Dangerous apps, websites, and devices that parents need to be aware of.
  • Shocking statistics and research that will reveal how vulnerable young people are online.
  • Dangers of the internet for seniors.
  • Resources and information on how Christians can protect themselves and their family while online.
  • …and much more.

This series will be split up between Sunday School (9:30 AM), Sunday evening (6 PM), and this Wednesday evening (3/23 7 PM). Be sure to come and bring a friend!


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