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“Let’s Go Forward!” Sunday

Tomorrow is “Let’s Go Forward” Sunday, a day in which we’ll be challenged to go forward for our Lord!
Troubles and trials can lead to us getting “stuck” in our lives. Some get “stuck” more than others. It happens to everyone sometime.
2020 has been a “sticky” year. A lot of people got “stuck” in a variety of areas of their lives. Some got “stuck” into negative thinking. Some into discouragement, or fear or panic. Some got “stuck” into a bitter, calloused, or apathetic mindset.
Are you “stuck” in some area of your life? Do you feel like you are just not able to “move”? Let’s Go Forward!!! God is still very much in control. God is still God. God still loves us. God’s Word is still true. God’s church is still the place for us to congregate. God’s Gospel is still the answer for this lost and dying world. God’s Son, Jesus, is still coming back. God still answers prayer. Let’s Go Forward!!
Ask Him to help you. Do what you can. Do what you know you should do. Forget what your feelings say and do what you know God says. Get out of the “mud”. Let’s Go Forward…’Til JESUS Comes!!

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