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“Family First Responders” – (Week 4) Fall 2020 Sunday School Campaign

Calling all Family First Responders!

This Sunday is the last week of our Fall 2020 Sunday School Campaign, “Family First Responders”! Our four teams (Fire Fighters, Law Enforcement, Utility Workers, & Healthcare Workers) have been battling it out in this contest by attending Sunday School, bringing their Bibles, and by bringing visitors.

As of last week, the Healthcare Workers have a commanding lead with 50,000 points! The Fire Fighters are within striking distance with 32,250 points. Bringing up the rear are the Utility Workers with 22,500 and the Law Enforcement with 8,500. 

We will be having a special Saturday morning soulwinning breakfast tomorrow morning at 9 AM. This is open to anyone and everyone! Come join us as we enjoy breakfast together and then go out into our communities to witness and invite others to church for Sunday.

Be sure you don’t miss out on our special Sunday evening service. We’ll be enjoying a church-wide potluck meal Sunday evening at 5 PM prior to the service at 6 PM. Afterwards, we will have a variety of games and activities for the whole family.

Don’t miss having a part in this Sunday! Come with us Saturday, be in church Sunday (including Sunday School), and bring your friends and family with you!

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