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“Family First Responders” – (Week 1) Fall 2020 Sunday School Campaign

Calling all Family First Responders!

This Sunday morning in Sunday School starts week 1 of our “Family First Responders” Fall Sunday School Campaign! Everyone in the church has been divided into 4 teams according to their age.

Ages 0-20: Fire Fighters

Ages 21-40: Law Enforcement

Ages 41-60: Utility Workers

Ages 61+: Healthcare Workers

You can earn points for your team by coming to Sunday School (starts at 9:30 AM), bringing visitors to Sunday School, and bringing your Bible with you.

This will be a fun and exciting time over the next few weeks as we challenge each other to do our part by being involved in our Sunday School class and by inviting others to God’s House. Don’t miss this first Sunday at 9:30 AM! Be there and bring someone with you!

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