Statement from our Pastor & Service Schedule Changes

Dear Calvary Baptist Church Family & Friends,

As we stated in our most recent video post, we are taking the Coronavirus situation very seriously. We are also being in compliance with the mandate our Governor signed this week. We are doing it not only by the “letter of the law”, but very much doing it with the commitment to help keep our dear people….SAFE.

So many of our people desire to come to church, and yet it is not wise for some of them to be in proximity of people; even a group of 10 or less. We have encouraged them to stay home and be safe. We have been posting our services on our Facebook page to help our people. Yet, some of our people are not online or have very poor internet service. Many of our people just wish to come to their church and  see each other. Yet, safety is the priority.

In the midst of all this, we have spent much time thinking and asking God to give us wisdom and guidance. God has given us a plan that will allow more of our dear people to come for services, while still remaining safe and compliant.

This Sunday morning and evening we will be holding our services…outside.  Specifically:

  • We will have all that come stay in their vehicles.
  • Our parking lot has already been prepared with parking places that provide an abundance of space between vehicles to keep our people safe from anyone who may have the virus.
  • We will have parking attendants to safely admit vehicles onto our property and direct them to specific parking positions. There will be plenty of space between windows.
  • As vehicles arrive, the people will be given a copy of our bulletin, a songbook for them to keep, and some other information.
  • We will use a trailer as our platform.
  • We have already tested how well people will be able to hear the music and the preaching. Even with the wind and the traffic, our PA system does an excellent job. You will be able to hear just fine.
  • We will sing to our Lord. We will pray. We will enjoy the music. We will receive an offering of our tithes, our love offerings, and our Faith Promise Missions giving. We will hear the Word of God preached. It will be a blessing for us to be “together” and yet maintaining a safe buffer while being wise.
  • The morning service will begin at 10:30. Our evening service will begin at 6:00.

Please be praying for the services; that lost people will choose to receive Jesus, and those of us who are saved will have our hearts changed for God, be encouraged, and challenged to serve our great God even more. May He be honored. Praise the LORD!!

-Pastor Beadles


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